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Liebowitz Law Firm Top Filer of Copyright Law Suits In 2017

The law firm of Richard Liebowitz was the most frequent filer of copyright law suits in 2017.  The New York based law firm filed 469 copyright law suits in 2017, all of which were in New York. Despite an embarrassing ruling that resulted in a $140,000 judgment against one of his clients, it was an […]

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RM Media Ltd. – Nick Youngson Files Copyright Lawsuit

November 28, 2017 – RM Media Ltd., the publisher of “best selling” stock photos and alleged notorious copyright troll, has begun filing copyright lawsuits in the United States.  The first lawsuit, which was filed in California’s Central District, comes after more than a year of RM Media sending letters threatening such action against those who […]

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Copyright Lawsuit Stats In 2017

October 20, 2017 – Last year’s most active copyright law firms that we track— which are primarily ones that represent photographers or agencies and are often called trolls, were Liebowitz Law Firm, Sanders Law and Higbee & Associates.   The biggest change from 2016 involves the rapid increase in the number of law suits filed […]

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