Free legal advice on copyright claims

Here are a few legal tips on copyright claims that can teach you how to fight back:

  1. Ask for a copy of the copyright registration certificate (they cannot sue you unless they have one or go get one)
  2. If you do not have a license to use the image, remove all uses from your site (even social media). Continued use can result in more damages.
  3. Ask for a power of attorney to prove they have the right to represent “their client”
  4. Make sure they are a real law firm. Unless they are an attorney, they cannot sue you on behalf of the copyright holder.
  5. Most of these copyright bullies are high volume operations and they simply cannot sue all of the infringers. Do not give them additional reasons to target your case by boasting about how much money you have, being rude or writing things about them online… all of that is asking for trouble.
  6. Do not communicate with anyone but a licensed attorney. Do not post anything in forums or comments as copyright holders can get court orders to view email addresses and IP addresses.
  7. Read this article on Fair Use and see if your use qualifies.
  8. Be careful what you put in writing (emails) or on recorded calls as it could be used against you in court to increases the damages or paint you in an unfavorable light
  9. Do not ignore this issue, ask them for more time and stall them if you have to, sometimes they just go away.
  10. If you in-line linked to the image, let them know.  Though it can be challenged, current caselaw protects users who in-line link.
  11. If they do sue you, absolutely do not ignore them, this can result in a default judgment, which could result in garnishments and seizing of assets.

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