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    Now What

    I received a letter in the mail today from Higbee & Associates. I was previously contacted by Pic Rights by email. I only opened the first email. There are lots of stories about Higbee suing people but I also read posts by people who said they ignored them and did not get sued. Is there a way to tell what the chances of getting sued are? I would love to not pay them..


    Here is what we know for sure.
    – According to court records, Higbee & Associates sues about 200 times a year
    – According to what we have heard from some victims and what Higbee has said in articles, Higbee & Associates refers cases to other law firms for litigation.
    – The two items above, along with not knowing the number of claims they pursue, make it difficult to know what percentage of cases they actually litigate.
    – They do not sue everyone
    – Some of their clients sue more often than others
    – They do asset checks prior to suing, which makes sense as they do not want to waste time and money suing someone who cannot pay.

    Hopefully, that helps you take your best guess. If you do not have assets, there probably would rather sue someone who does.

    If you have assets, get an attorney or negotiate with them and pay as little as possible.


    I see that Christopher Sadowski sues a lot of people. I am worried that Higbee will sue me if they know I have assets. If I put my car and house in a trust, can Higbee find them?


    Having read articles and comments from Higbee and others, it does seem that an asset search is part of their process.

    As to whether or not putting assets in a trust will make it difficult or impossible for Higbee & Associates to find, that is very tough to say and may depend in part on things like state law, how your county titles real property, and how good the asset search is, as results surely vary from company to company.

    In short, it might be worth trying, but do not be shocked if they find your assets.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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