Liebowitz Law Firm Filing Crazy Number of Copyright Lawsuits


October 12, 2017 – The New York based Liebowitz Law Firm has become one of the most active filers of copyright law suits.    Liebowitz has filed 294 law suits in 2017, making him one of the most active copyright trolls of 2017.

We thought it was odd when the number of reports about his demand letters greatly dropped this year.  It appears that Liebowitz’s clients have adopted of a sue first and negotiate later approach.     Most of his cases appear to be in New York or the north east.

Liebowitz’s ability to handle that volume of cases is somewhat mysterious.  He is the attorney listed on most pleadings.  His law firm web site is sparse on content and no other associate attorneys are listed.    By all outward appearances, the law firm looks stagnant and amateurish, there is no educational content,  there is very little content about the firm’s success or credibility, and social media presence is comically low with just 6 tweets and 8 followers on Twitter.   All that withstanding, the facts are the facts, and right now the facts say that Liebowitz is a copyright lawsuit machine. Time will tell if this heavy-handed approach is profitable and if this pace is sustainable.


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