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Have you received a demand letter or been sued for a copyright violation? Get a free consultation from an expert lawyer.

Did you receive a demand letter as a result of an alleged copyright infringement?

These demands are serious matters. US Copyright Law provides big penalties, even when you did not profit from your use of the image or you thought it was free.  A judge recently awarded one of Higbee’s client’s $48,000 for the use of one image (see court documents).

That being said, there are often ways to fight back and challenge the demands. Fighting back can often result in you paying less than demanded or nothing at all.

However, you will need a competent lawyer who is skilled at challenging these tactics. Do not trust the outcome of a serious legal matter to advice from bloggers on non-attorneys who are there to give you bad advice for free in hopes of you paying for more advice when you get in deep legal trouble.

We will match you with attorneys who understand how to handle these bully tactics or who know the nuances of copyright law.

Let us put you in contact with a trained an experienced attorney who can get you the best result possible. Let us help you possibly save thousands of dollars and possibly prevent legal nightmares.  Pre-litigation negotiation only packages start at $1,499.   Full service legal representation (after law suit is filed) starts at $9,500.



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