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In Defense of Attorney Richard Liebowitz

October 3, 2019   Attorney Richard Liebowitz has made quite a name for himself in the world of copyright litigation since being admitted to practice law in 2016.  He has filed nearly 2,000 copyright lawsuits and attracted the scorn of opposing parties and federal court judges. He has been the recipient of repeated sanctions, insults, […]

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Lawyer Monthly Magazine Profiles Higbee & Associates Copyright Practice

July 12, 2019 – Staff   An article in Lawyer Monthly Magazine shed some interesting light on the copyright practice of Higbee & Associates.   The article, which is an interview with attorney Mathew Higbee, covers a lot of topics. Overall, the article was very pro-Higbee, giving him plenty of time to brag about his […]

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PicRights LTD Copyright Letters Making Noise In The US

  PicRights LTD has recently come on as one of the most active enforcers of copyright for photos.   They operate out of Canada but appear to send a large volume of copyright enforcement emails to the US in effort to collect payments for their clients.     They do not own the copyrights and they […]

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