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Have you received a demand letter or been sued for a copyright infringement by Higbee & Associates? Get a free consultation from an expert lawyer.

Did you receive a demand letter as a result of an alleged copyright infringement from Higbee & Associates?

These demands are serious matters that are dangerous to ignore. US Copyright Law provides big penalties, even when you did not profit from your use of the image or you thought it was free. According to government records, Higbee & Associates is quick to file law suits (See Info Below).  A judge recently ordered a person who used one image to pay Higbee’s client $48,000 (see court document).

That being said, there are often ways to fight back and challenge the demands. Fighting back can often result in you paying less than demanded or nothing at all if you have a license or valid defense.

However, you will need a competent lawyer who is skilled at challenging these tactics. Do not trust the outcome of a serious legal matter to advice from bloggers who are there to give you bad advice for free in hopes of you paying for more advice when you get in deep legal trouble.

We will match you with attorneys who understand how to handle these bully tactics or who know the nuances of copyright law.

Let us put you in contact with a trained an experienced attorney who can get you the best result possible. Let us help you possibly save thousands of dollars and possibly prevent legal nightmares.  Pre-litigation negotiation only packages start at $1,499.   Full service legal representation (after law suit is filed) starts at $9,500.

Who Is Higbee & Associates?

Higbee & Associates is one of the most frequent filers of copyright lawsuits.  They have offices in several states. The lead attorney is Mathew Higbee. According to state bar association records, Higbee & Associates has attorneys licensed in several states. Their typical demand in the negotiation stage seems to be between $2,000 to $20,000. Their typical demand in the litigation stage is $10,000 to $65,000, some are higher and lower.   

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Better Business Bureau: A+



In The News:

Chances of Lawsuit

Typical Lawsuit Amount

$10,000 – $65,000

Case NameCase NumberCourtFiling DateCase StatusDate Terminated
Myeress v. Osella0-17-cv-60034FLSDJanuary 5, 2017Settled/ResolvedApril 5, 2017
Domenech v. Inviting Home, Inc.0-17-cv-60154FLSDJanuary 20, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 16, 2017
Domenech v. Christopher James Interiors, Inc.1-17-cv-20263FLSDJanuary 20, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 31, 2017
Alarm Grid, Inc. v. Zions Security Alarms0-17-cv-60190FLSDJanuary 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedJuly 11, 2017
Durant v. Basile, Inc. et al3-17-cv-00145CASDJanuary 25, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 4, 2017
Alex Maxim v. Skin Body Lounge, LLC et al2-17-cv-00923CACDFebruary 3, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 11, 2017
Wild v. Core Pest Solutions, LLC1-17-cv-00092TXWDFebruary 8, 2017Settled/ResolvedJune 26, 2017
Wild v. Microshield Environmental Services, LLC1-17-cv-00114TXWDFebruary 15, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 25, 2017
Wild v. Florida Environmental Pest Management, Inc.1-17-cv-00216TXWDMarch 7, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 8, 2017
Wild v. Evergreen Growers Supply, LLC.1-17-cv-00218TXWDMarch 8, 2017Settled/ResolvedJuly 27, 2017
Sadowski v. World Journal, LLC2-17-cv-01594NJDMarch 9, 2017Settled/ResolvedDecember 12, 2017
Sadowski v. Zaman, Ltd.2-17-cv-01697NJDMarch 13, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 30, 2017
Skoogfors v. Connie Barnaba & Associates, Inc.4-17-cv-00911TXSDMarch 23, 2017Settled/ResolvedDecember 13, 2017
Keatley v. Los Angeles Review Of Books et al2-17-cv-00481WAWDMarch 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 29, 2017
Alexander Wild v. Legacy Termite Control, Inc.2-17-cv-02344CACDMarch 27, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 1, 2017
Sadowski v. Center For Security Policy, Inc.2-17-cv-02011NJDMarch 27, 2017Settled/ResolvedJune 15, 2017
Wild v. Atlanta Environmental Pest Services, Inc.1-17-cv-00264TXWDMarch 27, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 15, 2017
Wild v. Allergy & Asthma Associates of Connecticut, LLC1-17-cv-00265TXWDMarch 27, 2017Settled/ResolvedJune 13, 2017
Wild v. Pro-Tek Services of Central Florida, Inc.6-17-cv-00568FLMDMarch 31, 2017Settled/ResolvedJune 9, 2017
Sadowski v. Pakistan Muslim League USA, Inc.1-17-cv-02202NYEDApril 11, 2017Settled/ResolvedJuly 28, 2017
Wild v. JASCO, Inc.1-17-cv-00344TXWDApril 12, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 2, 2017
Farrington v. World Journal, LLC1-17-cv-02265NYEDApril 14, 2017Settled/ResolvedDecember 7, 2017
Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Columbia et al1-17-cv-02933NYSDApril 21, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Foda1-17-cv-02798NJDApril 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 17, 2017
Sadowski v. Maitland7-17-cv-02986NYSDApril 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedSeptember 28, 2017
Sadowski v. Mommy Nearest, Inc.1-17-cv-03371NYSDMay 5, 2017Settled/ResolvedJune 14, 2017
Skoogfors v. Allimadi1-17-cv-03380NYSDMay 5, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 12, 2017
Wild v. Cypress Creek Pest Control, Inc.4-17-cv-01406TXSDMay 5, 2017Settled/ResolvedMay 31, 2017
Sadowski v. Indo US Media, Inc. et al2-17-cv-02832NYEDMay 9, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Hurricane Podcast Group, Inc. et al1-17-cv-03510NYSDMay 10, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 8, 2017
Wild v. Advanced Termite Control, Inc.1-17-cv-00443TXWDMay 11, 2017Active
Sadowski v. JammedUp, LLC.1-17-cv-03579NYSDMay 12, 2017Settled/ResolvedNovember 3, 2017
Adlife Marketing & Communications Co., Inc. v. Best Yet Market, Inc.2-17-cv-02978NYEDMay 16, 2017Active
Farrington v. New York Media Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Bukharian Media, Inc.1-17-cv-02997NYEDMay 17, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 24, 2017
Jeremy Nicholl v. Here Media, Inc.2-17-cv-03733CACDMay 17, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 17, 2017
Nicholl v. Brokelyn, LLC et al1-17-cv-03774NYSDMay 18, 2017Settled/ResolvedSeptember 26, 2017
Nicholl v. Guest of a Guest, Inc.1-17-cv-03839NYSDMay 22, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 7, 2017
Sadowski v. BackChina, LLC4-17-cv-01562TXSDMay 22, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Bowling et al1-17-cv-03954NYSDMay 24, 2017Active
Myeress v. Barnes Professional Limousine Service, LLC et al1-17-cv-21934FLSDMay 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedSeptember 22, 2017
Wild v. Webtegrity, LLC d/b/a/ www.webtegrity.com1-17-cv-00502TXWDMay 25, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 25, 2017
Sadowski v. Real Clear Holdings, LLC.1-17-cv-04145ILNDMay 31, 2017Settled/ResolvedNovember 13, 2017
Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. WrapMarket, LLC8-17-cv-01049CACDJune 15, 2017Settled/ResolvedNovember 8, 2017
Sadowski v., Inc.3-17-cv-04781NJDJune 28, 2017Settled/ResolvedSeptember 1, 2017
SADOWSKI v. SPEEDNET GROUP LLC3-17-cv-04783NJDJune 28, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Richard Gottlieb & Associates, LLC1-17-cv-04900NYSDJune 28, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Abbott Connection, Ltd. et al1-17-cv-04891ILNDJune 29, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 19, 2017
Alexander Wild v. Nakia J. Isaac2-17-cv-04997CACDJuly 7, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 24, 2017
Matlow v. PopWrapped Entertainment Group, LLC9-17-cv-80821FLSDJuly 10, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 25, 2017
Jeffery R. Werner v. Zhenyu Song et al2-17-cv-05212CACDJuly 14, 2017Active
Stross v. SavvyPhone, LLC8-17-cv-01844FLMDAugust 3, 2017Active
Mander v. Southern Oregon Elmer's, LLC1-17-cv-01298ORDAugust 21, 2017Active
Wild v. Wager et al4-17-cv-02606TXSDAugust 24, 2017Active
Alexander Wild v. Jeffrey Negus8-17-cv-01464CACDAugust 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedAugust 25, 2017
Sadowski v. The New York Observer LLC1-17-cv-06479NYSDAugust 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 17, 2017
Alexander Wild v. Jeffrey Negus5-17-cv-01731CACDAugust 24, 2017Settled/ResolvedOctober 12, 2017
Reed v. Ezelle Investment Properties Inc. et al3-17-cv-01364ORDAugust 31, 2017Active
Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Dodge et al2-17-cv-02313NVDSeptember 1, 2017Active
Reed v. Alpine Real Estate LLC et al6-17-cv-01396ORDSeptember 6, 2017Active
Adlife Marketing & Communications Co., Inc. v. Fareway Stores, Inc.4-17-cv-04254ILCDSeptember 6, 2017Active
Kim v. Afropunk LLC et al1-17-cv-05353NYEDSeptember 12, 2017Settled/ResolvedDecember 5, 2017
Adlife Marketing & Communications Company, Inc. v. Multi-Ad Solutions, LLC. et al1-17-cv-01418ILCDSeptember 14, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Internet Solutions of Nevada Inc. et al2-17-cv-02448NVDSeptember 19, 2017Active
Michael Grecco Productions, Inc. v. Creative Care, Inc., et al2-17-cv-07098CACDSeptember 26, 2017Active
Korzeniewski v. Sapa Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Inc. et al1-17-cv-05721NYEDSeptember 29, 2017Active
Wild v. Eyes on Pest Control LLC1-17-cv-07860NYSDOctober 12, 2017Settled/ResolvedNovember 30, 2017
Wild v. Unique Environmental Corporation7-17-cv-07863NYSDOctober 12, 2017Active
Matlow v. PopWrapped Entertainment Group, LLC2-17-cv-07903CACDOctober 27, 2017Active
Chapman v. Facilium Inc. et al4-17-cv-03322TXSDNovember 1, 2017Active
Keck v. LITB, Inc. d/b/a et al2-17-cv-01671WAWDNovember 7, 2017Active
Shoichi Marc Matsumoto v. Sushi Enuice Inc. et al2-17-cv-08128CACDNovember 7, 2017Active
RM Media Ltd. v. 420 Evaluations, Inc. et al2-17-cv-08577CACDNovember 27, 2017Active
Durant v. Lerner & Weiss APC et al2-17-cv-08754CACDDecember 5, 2017Active
Wild v. Bowco Laboratories Inc. et al2-17-cv-12788NJDDecember 8, 2017Active
Gottfried v. Complex Media, Inc. et al1-17-cv-09675NYSDDecember 8, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Sell It Social, LLC et al1-17-cv-09677NYSDDecember 8, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Talltanic Pictures LLC et al2-17-cv-03020NVDDecember 8, 2017Active
Sadowski v. Kotsos & Associates, Inc. et al0-17-cv-62415FLSDDecember 8, 2017Active
McKennon v. Baeten's Nursery & Greenhouse, Inc.2-17-cv-00235KYEDDecember 22, 2017Active

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