Copyright Lawsuit Stats In 2017


October 20, 2017 – Last year’s most active copyright law firms that we track— which are primarily ones that represent photographers or agencies and are often called trolls, were Liebowitz Law Firm, Sanders Law and Higbee & Associates.   The biggest change from 2016 involves the rapid increase in the number of law suits filed by Liebowitz Law Firm.  Liebowitz has already filed 294 lawsuits this year.     Also Higbee & Associates has increased the number of lawsuits, while Sanders has had a slight decline.

2017 is not over, but the Liebowitz machine is running in high gear and it is highly unlikely that Higbee & Associates or Sanders Law Firm catches up with Liebowitz.

If you have been sued by any of these law firms or have received a demand letter from anyone claiming that you used a photo without a license, read this

More statistics about the number of copyright lawsuits to follow.  Of course, updates will be posted at the end of the year.

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