Liebowitz Law Firm Top Filer of Copyright Law Suits In 2017


December 30, 2017 – The law firm of Richard Liebowitz was the most frequent filer of copyright law suits in 2017.  The New York based law firm filed 469 copyright law suits in 2017, all of which were in New York.

Despite an embarrassing ruling that resulted in a $140,000 judgment against one of his clients, it was an impressive year for Liebowitz.  He more than quadrupled the number of cases filed by his closest competitor.

Of the photo-centric copyright law firms, The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates appeared to be the second most frequent filer of copyright law suits with 99.  Higbee & Associates filed cases in several states, most frequently California, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Washington.

The New York based Sanders Law Firm filed 23 cases in 2017.  This is the third year in a row in which Sanders filed less cases than the preceding year.  Sanders filed 161 in 2015 and 138 in 2016.  Sanders may be winding down the copyright practice or significantly changing its strategy.


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